Welcome to Advanced Level Project Help!

Welcome to Advanced Level Project Help!

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This site is dedicated for Advanced Level Projects which are required for the GCE Advanced Levels (specially in Sri Lanka). Here you will find the most useful downloads and instructions for your projects.

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Topics for Projects


Studying swarm behavior

Building a model airplane

Making a boomerang

Assembling a computer

Making of a Computer Software

Problems faced by wild life enthusiasts

Studying the caste system and uses of it

Studying the Genetic purity among people and uses of it

Studying the make of a ceramic creation

Various uses of a King Coconut shell

Social problems arising from the use of Tuition among school students

The fight against Malaria and mosquitoes

Advertising Trends and Methods

The rise of Open Source software and its initiatives

Battling the use of pirated computer software

Recent computer security issues

Ethical, religious, and social issues arising from censoring

How does people/students use their waiting time for exam results



Studying the use of various vehicles among people

Organizing a shramadana campaign to clean the environment

Making an educational computer software and distributing it

Organizing a seminar on latest technologies on education

Organizing a talent search in the school/college

Studying the use of Internet among Advanced Level Students

Making a computer game



Most of the following downloads require Sinhala fonts installed in your computer.

Project Outline
This file contains an outline of a project. It is the same as the basics explained in the Q&A Section.



Project Proposal
This file contains an unfilled project proposal(Template).



Sinhala Font
This file contains the font FM-Abhaya which is the sinhala alternative for Times New Roman font. You can use this font to view the above downloads. Refer your operating system help for information on fonts installation.








What is a project?

Considering Advanced Level, a project can be described as something that measures your planning, doing, finishing and reporting.

What is the first thing to do?

The first thing you should do is to consult a teacher that has been appointed specifically for this purpose. You may also participate in a seminar or get some information from an elder student that has finished a successful project. You can also browse this site and find some great and useful information on it. Do not go and ask people who did not do a project enthusiastically because they usually would try to indicate that projects are useless. If you get this feeling before you do a project, you might miss one of the best experiences in your life.

When should it be done?

If you think you are running out of time, better start now. Else wait for your school/college to tell you when to start because they usually inform the students ahead of time. Keep an eye for deadlines, else they will enforce you to great distress.

What are the basics that has to be done for a successful project?

Do the following in their proper order. You may have your own amendments, though.

  1. Planning
  2. Preparing the project proposal and a field book
  3. Signing the project proposal
  4. Starting research/work
  5. Jot down everything you encounter in the field book indicating the date.
  6. Start making the project report
  7. Gather the data
  8. Analyse
  9. Get experts and professionals help
  10. Attend conferences, seminars, conventions, competitions and meet others
  11. Get other peoples ideas
  12. Finish the project work
  13. Finish the project report
  14. Deliver the project and project report before the deadline

Can I use Internet for my research?

Yes, Internet offers the convenience of searching and organizing data.

Give me some tips for searching data on the internet related to my project.

Wikipedia offers a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit and read. It is a valuable source of information for projects.
Try doing a search using a search engine.
If you want something specific and easy to access, it is better that you use a web directory service.

BOMSoft Downloads Center(www.bomsoft.8m.com/downloads) has a utility for free download named 'Phone Charges Notifier'. It shows you the best times to use the internet.

How do I prepare the project report?

During the previous years, the trend has been to use the computer for the preparation of the project report. However, you are free to use handwriting, a typewriter or a computer for this purpose. Just make sure the report is impressive.

Can I use pictures/images/graphics in my report?

Yes, you can. But you should not insert them in the section they are related. Use them in the attachments section(see below) and include a reference to it. This is way it is done in professional reports.

Is attaching a CD/DVD acceptable?

Yes, but note that the evaluator might not be able to check it because of his workload. So if you are in a desperate need to attach one, put it in a safe cover and attach it at the end of your project report.

You may include the following as attachments.

  • Letters
  • Notes
  • Memos
  • Agendas
  • Copies of certificates
  • Newspaper cuttings
  • Advertisements
  • Web sites/Web pages
  • Pictures/Photographs
  • Images
  • Graphics
  • Screen shots
  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Computer source code
  • Samples of materials(such as fabric)
  • CDs/DVD's
  • Blu-ray/HD—DVD discs

Also make sure that you do not include things that are of high value because that your report may not be returned to you.

What is the order I have to make the report?

You may use the following order in your project report.

  • Project Name
  • Index
  • Summary
  • Introduction of the project
  • Objectives
  • Beneficiaries
  • Resources used for the Project
  • Methodology Used
  • Order of the events
  • Comparison Time Frame
  • Data presentation and analysis
  • Conclusions and Proposals
  • Self Evaluation
  • Bibliography
  • Attachments
  • Contributors
  • Evaluation(by the evaluators)

How marks are distributed?

Four(4) points will be awarded for each of the following, adding to a total sum of Twenty(20).

  1. Selection of the project
    Subject/problem, Development of objectives and their correlation
  2. Planning
    Choice of primary resources
    Gathering of data and analysis
  3. Work done according to the time frame
    Files/Field book maintenance
    Team work
    Acquisition of instructions and following them
  4. Proposals made according to the problem and objectives
  5. Overall evaluation
    Project report/End-product/Finishing/Service

Q?Why is this portion of the site is under construction?

A:The site is under constructive criticism. ;-)



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